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Slanderus is a progressive metal band straight out of the Inland Empire, with members from Riverside, Upland, Ontario and Redlands. Founded and formed by guitarist and backing vocalist, Jason Kennedy, who also creates the music that is overloaded with heavy, yet intricate guitar solos- mesmerizing riffs and flawless breakdowns. Drummer, Jeff Seif, plays his set like its a part of him- with an ease that says this comes more naturally to me than speaking- every count is melodic, yet powerful and compelling, played with an unparalleled passion. Bassist, Adrian Smith, lets loose on his bass guitar with fat, yet mellow and authoritative riffs- commanding a rhythmic groove. Last, but certainly not least, Allen Alamillo- lead vocalist, uses painfully honest lyrics in combination with an innately sincere tone and impressive pitches that just pulls you in. Round off all this talent, with the energy that they pack into every one of their shows, youre in for one hell of a night They played their first show at Angels Roadhouse Yucaipa in 2009, following with a strong attack on hot spots from their native locale- such as the Ugly Duck, the Marquis Lounge and the Music Room San Bernardino, and then taking their mind-bending sound to new spots, such as Liams Irish Pub Colton, Shamrocks Chino, the 1616 Club Los Angeles, the Kitty Kat Lounge formerly the Can, Westminster, several successful Battle of the Bands competitions and far too many others to list in just one biography. With such a heavy and diverse group of influences, from bands such as Anthrax, Dream Theater, Iron Maiden, Machine Head, Metallica, Queensrche, Rush, Slipknot and System of a Down- its no wonder they won Best Metal Band of 2012 in IE Weekly. Live shows are packed full of spontaneous surprises different intros every night, spur of the moment free-style jams, solos from different members. The stamina of the Sanctuary of Life EP 2015 plays with seemingly reckless abandon, divergent styles, and a determined ambition that makes you want to play it on loop until your stereo implodes. Also worth noting, is their contribution to the metal scene in the Inland Empire. Tired of dealing with a middle-man when booking shows They setup our their shows, in turn putting shows into the hands of the bands. Every show created by them is made cover-charge free- to increase the draw of shows, first come first serve to bands- to increase the motivation of the bands booking and every band was rewarded equally for shows- headliners received the same treatment as opening bands. Slanderus has booked and played shows with nearly 100 different bands, expanding both their fan base and their musical connections.