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The Ashley Bean Band is a Rock band hailing form Peoria, Illinois. Over the years, The Ashley Bean Band has had influences that have molded their career into what it is today. Cathy Reynolds, four time CIA Gospel Artist of the Year, Mike Isenberg of the international acclaimed family band, The Jets, back-up musician, Rusty Hall, and John Coulter, Marshall Tucker's sound engineer, Journey, and Diana Meltzer founder of Seether, Evanescence and Creed, have helped direct this young energized rock band. The bands Music has been comparred to Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, Evanescence as well asl Alice In Chains and Nirvana, what a combo of musical innovators without compromise to follow trends but rather create them. The Band would say it is Classical meets Rock. All of the lyris and music are Ashley's original creativity a style of her own. All of the music is heartfelt and unique. But I would say, her voice, style and genre is distinct, raw and gives her a music and incredible comercial but almost underground sound at the same timeless, not pretty and pink, but black on black.