Bostjan Zupancic MicroMetal

Heavy Metal on microtonal instruments. Bostjan Zupancic: MicroMetal is a project started and led by Russ Hayes (a.k.a. Bostjan Zupancic) to blend various metal genres with an alternate tuning known as 19-EDO or... Read More

Location: Vermont / Genre: Heavy Metal / Today's Love: 5 / Daily Avg: 8.8

We play energetic rock and roll of all subgenres, covers and originals. Check out our album and singles at or check us out at a local venue in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont Read More

Location: Vermont / Genre: Hard Rock / Today's Love: 2 / Daily Avg: 1.1
Be The Blame

A pop punk band from St. Johnsbury Read More

Location: Vermont / Genre: Alternative / Today's Love: 1 / Daily Avg: 0.5
Better Things

Formed in early 2014 by Brian LaClair vocals guitar, Brad Yandow vocals guitar, and Mark Weber drums, the band rose from several high school projects each were involved with. Bassist Quintin Cardinal would join... Read More

Location: Vermont / Genre: Emo / Today's Love: 0 / Daily Avg: 0.2

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