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Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, our most common questions are answered right here. Still have questions? Send us an email (info@TopUSABands.com); we will reply promptly!

Banners display only for bands and musicians listed in the Top 25. Let your supporters know that they can help get you there by clicking the heart on your top bands & musicians profile page.

Absolutely not; it is totally free, and always will be, to all active bands and musicians.

The screenshot function on your User Control Panel automatically generates an image from your website (i.e. the URL you entered when registering). If there is a problem with how the image rendered, please send a high-quality image to info@TopBandsAndMusicians.com. If it is deemed acceptable, we will replace the system generated screenshot.

Similar to a Billboard Hot List, the Top Bands and Musicians chart order is based on a rolling average. In our case, it is a 10-day rolling average; i.e. the number of unique clicks on each member’s “heart” for the current day, plus the previous 9-days, are added together and divided by 10 to get a 10-day average. The list is then sorted by the result. The list is updated in real-time so, as music fans click to show their love and appreciation for a particular band/musician, the chart immediately reorganizes to reflect the most up-to-date view.

Our software records IP Addresses and only counts a single click, for a given band/musician, from a given IP Address each day.

The chart functions like a Billboard Hot List rather than just a simple directory of bands and musicians; the order dynamically changes as fans click to express their love of their favorite band or musician. The chart order is based on a rolling average; it is computed for the 10-day period ending on the current day.

Stats reflect the number of fans that clicked to show they love your music!

  • Unique PVs: The number of unique IP addresses that viewed your page.
  • Total PVs: The total (i.e. non-unique) number of views of your page.
  • Unique In: The number of unique IP addresses that clicked your heart.
  • Total In: The overall (i.e. non-unique) number of times your heart button was clicked.
  • Unique Out: The number of unique IP addresses that clicked your website link from the music chart on which you’re listed.
  • Total Out: The total (i.e. non-unique) number of times your website link was clicked from the music chart on which you’re listed.

Please shoot us an email (info@topbandsandmusicians.com) and we will add it.

Unlike sites such as Facebook, where a “like” remains long after interest has faded, clicking the heart on a member’s page, to show you love their music, is the same as telling someone you love them… it must be repeated regularly or it loses its impact. Members, either because they are no longer actively playing or have just lost a fan base with the motivation to show their love on a somewhat regular basis, are removed from the website. The grace period is 30-days so, if no one has clicked the heart on their profile, their profile page is automatically removed on the 31st day. This ensures that only active bands and musicians, with a dedicated fan base, remain on the Top Bands and Musicians website.