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Top Bands & Musicians is a portal to the best local bands and musicians in the world!

Click on the map to view a showcase of the most loved bands & musicians in that location’s local music scene. If you don’t see your favorite band or musician listed, please let them know about the site. Membership is free and registration is fast and easy!

The lists are unique in that they function like a Billboard Hot List rather than just a simple directory of bands and musicians. The order dynamically changes as fans click to express their love of their favorite band or musician. And, like a Billboard Hot List, the chart order is based on a rolling average; as fans maintain their appreciation, the chart automatically reorganizes to reflect the most up-to-date view.

The Top Bands and Musicians network showcases the most loved local bands & musicians in the world.

Music Lovers

Looking for great live music in your area? Click your location on the map, scan through the genres of that area’s local bands and musicians, then click through to a band’s or musician’s site to hear their music and view their schedule.


Get free exposure and additional promotion, provide a mechanism for the lovers of your music to express their support, and proudly display your fan appeal to producers and club owners.

Club/Venue Owners & Producers

Find the most popular, fan-appreciated local music talent in your area.


Reach a pure music demographic!